Lineage 2 Interlude private server


Rates and features

xp/sp 15x, drop 10x, spoil 10x, adena 20x, quest item 5x, quest reward 2x

dualbox allowed, 1 main + 2 boxes, Oly and events 0 boxes

full NPC buffer with resists, horse/cat and hot springs

24 buff slots + 4 Divine Inspiration, 6 debuff slots, duration 2 hours

GM shop up to B, GM shop currencies adena, crystals D, C, B, Proof Of Vote

blue mobs spoil/drop

Disrupt Undead and Might Of Heaven work on all mobs

How to connect

Download and install Lineage 2 Interlude client (pass: l2fits)

Remove "system" from game folder

Download new system

Extract downloaded file in game folder

Run game using L2.exe in exctracted system folder


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